Message From The President

Dear Co-Laborers with Christ,

Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  Our primary purpose is to assist independent Baptist churches in giving aid and watch-care to those whom they send to the mission fields of the world under the authority of their local churches.

Our major direction and objective is church planting world-wide. This is a fulfillment of the command given to the disciples of Jesus Christ. Innovative and strategic methods are implemented in the evangelization of targeted people groups. These groups are defined by their commonality as ethnic, social and professional.

Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples accepts two kinds of missionaries - those who specialize in church planting and those associated with helps ministries. The results of these endeavors are to produce local churches committed to the great commission. There are literally millions of souls who have yet to hear of Jesus Christ. Won't you ''come over and help us?''