What is Mission Possible Camp?


It is unique in its conception . . .

The Mission Possible Camp was founded to provide pastors with a camp for their young people specifically designed to nurture the desire in their hearts to fulfill the great commission. Mission Possible Camp is not for everyone, but for those young people that are chosen because their pastor or youth pastor have seen unusual   spiritual maturity in their life. It is not a camp for entire youth groups. The focus is more on full time Christian   service. It is important that the young people who attend this camp have a sincere desire to serve the Lord and have an open mind concerning the call of God in their life. The students must be freshman in high school through college. Any other age must be approved through our Director, Missionary Terry King.


Challenging . . . For five days, the youth that attend this camp are surrounded by missionaries. Both home and foreign missions are represented. The youth have the opportunity to not only get to know the missionaries but also become acquainted with their mission fields. The missionaries are very personable with all of our students, not only providing knowledge of the field they are on, but also form lasting friendships with our young people.  In the past we have had young people yield their lives to many of the fields represented at our camp. There are three services a day, all bible centered on fulfilling the great commission. We want the missionary students to know the importance of world evangelism, whether they go to the foreign field, serve in Social Pocket Missions in America, or work in their home church. We promise when they leave Missions Possible Camp, they will have a greater knowledge of full time Christian service.


Activities . . . . Yes our mission camp is about preaching, teaching, and training young people, but we also provide many activities to enhance the camp.  Activities include specialized sporting events, canoeing, swimming, volleyball, and tubing.  We also provide some of the greatest meals ever served in a camp setting. Your young people are sure to enjoy every part of Mission Possible Camp.


Each August the Mission Possible Camp is held in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.  The camp has 254 acres abounding with lakes, streams, wildlife, and great accommodations.  The camp is located on top of Saluda Mountain exit 59 in North Carolina.  One half mile east of Interstate 26 is the Bob Hardin Camp facility.


Space is limited. Seize this great opportunity to enlighten your youth concerning missions.  For more information contact  Brother Terry King at or phone numbers: 904-810-2005 or 904-814-4896


Please click here to download the camp brochure