About Us

BMFP is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  Our primary purpose is to assist independent Baptist churches in giving aid and watch-care to those whom they send to the mission fields of the world under the authority of their local churches.

With the primary direction and objective of church planting world-wide, the purpose of BMFP is to provide missionaries with an avenue for implementing innovative ministries in reaching the several thousand pockets of "forgotten peoples" in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are probably asking yourself, "Who are the forgotten peoples?" Forgotten peoples are those needing the Gospel that we often pass by on our way to the traditional mission fields of the world.

We divide these "forgotten people" into four basic categories:

Ethnic: These are geographically transplanted people. The major cities of our world have become multi-cultural. By starting international churches within these cities, we can reach the world with the Gospel.

Social: These "forgotten people" consist of teenage runaways, alcoholics and drug addicts, those incarcerated in our prisons, the elderly living in continual care homes as well as those who are physically or mentally challenged.

Vocational: This group consists of those, who, because of their vocation, are often overlooked with the Gospel. Included among this group would be our men and women serving in the armed forces of the United States. Over forty percent of the missionaries now serving with BMFP were either saved and/or called while serving in our American military.

Educational: National pastors, evangelists and teachers are often overlooked in our "global" missions training strategy. Most have no access to local training; 80% of those coming to America for training never return to their own country. BMFP's Bible Institute Ministries Division takes the training to them by planting institutes worldwide.

BMFP Missionaries circle the globe bringing hope to forgotten ethnic groups, teenage runaways, alcoholics, prisoners, military personnel and society's disadvantaged and overlooked. As you contemplate you part in reaching the world for Christ, please include the following in your considerations...

Pray - Please pray for BMFP missionaries as they represent you and your church around the world. Their needs are great, and they need your prayers.

Give - There is only one way to express it ... it takes funds to keep an organization like BMFP on the front lines of the spiritual battle, God has ordained the human instrumentality to provide the necessary funding for His work.

Go - There are literally millions of "forgotten peoples" around the world. Perhaps God would lead you to take the Gospel to someone who has never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.